According to the famous saying, a failure to plan is a plan to fail. I don’t know that the saying is applicable in all situations, but in many, it is true. I have found it to be right in the area of Bible reading. When I have a plan and try to stick with it, my consistency in bible intake is much better than just winging it each day.

What is your plan for consistent Bible reading?

That’s not a rhetorical question. I would love to hear from each of you about what is your Bible reading plan. 

If you don’t have a plan, can I recommend some?

For devotional books, Paul Tripp’s New Morning Mercies is the best devotional that I have read. I encourage you to pick up a copy and use it.

I recently used Zach Schlegel’s Fearing Others: Putting God First devotional and found it helpful. I’m now starting Paul Tautges’ Anxiety: Knowing God’s Peace.  

I also highly recommend systematically reading through books of the Bible. When was the last time you read through the New Testament? It is surprisingly doable. If you started now, you could easily finish it by the end of the year. Reading Acts and then the Epistles is really neat to see how the churches began and then what Paul wrote to them later on.

How about the Old Testament? The reading is a bit more difficult in places, but it is well worth the effort. Currently, I’m finishing 2 Chronicles in my reading and have found it very helpful.

What is your plan? Comment below. If you do, you might give someone else a good idea for their Bible Reading.

2 thoughts on “What is your plan?

  1. Back in April I started to read thru the Bible using the schedule included w/ the Daily Bread reading. I have never done a program before but w/ the added time available in my daily schedule I decided to give it a try. The challenge is to make it more than a task to be completed. Another suggestion I heard and have been using w/ the Psalms is to read out loud. I heard someone talk about the value of this and the author was suggesting that this is “how” God’s Word was meant to be read?


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