I started a series of leadership lessons from Peter a couple of weeks ago. You can read the first lesson here. The next lesson from Peter is:

Leaders ask questions.

When searching for a leader, John MacArthur encourages looking for a person who asks a lot of questions.[1]Peter was definitely a man who asked a lot of questions. If you were to add up all of the questions asked by the Apostles in the New Testament, Peter asks more questions that all the other Apostles combined.[2] Asking questions often indicates humility and a willingness to learn.

The questions that Peter asked were often ones that other people were afraid to ask. Peter is the one who asked for clarification about what Jesus was teaching in Matthew 15 and Luke 12. In Matthew 18, Peter also asked how many times we are supposed to forgive someone. Peter asked about rewards for following Jesus in Matthew 19. And it was Peter who asked the risen Jesus about the other disciples’ future in John 21.

Clearly, Peter was not afraid to speak up and publicize his ignorance! However, inquisitiveness is a good character trait of a leader. Not being afraid to appear ignorant or inferior in pursuit of truth and clarity will carry a leader as they seek to influence people.

            So, ask questions!

[1] John MacArthur, Twelve Ordinary Men (Nashville: W Pub. Group, 2002), 40.

[2] Ibid.

One thought on “Leadership Lessons from Peter – pt.2

  1. Interesting insight. I have studied and taught leadership for years realizing the value and need for leadership in any organization or team effort. Never has anyone brought up the characteristic of asking good questions. Being a naturally inquisitive and reflective person I am always thinking about things but never tied it into leadership. Thanks for something to chew on.


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