I plan to share some leadership lessons from the life of Peter over the next few blog posts. The first lesson from Peter is:

A willingness to learn and change.

For all of his brashness and boldness, Peter was willing to learn and change. This humility made him one of the best leaders we can emulate today.

Remember when Peter changed his mind about the Gentile inclusion into the family of God (Acts 10,11)? How about the time when Peter changed his mind about Jesus washing Peter’s feet (John 13)? These examples show Peter’s willingness to learn and change his mind.

Peter’s example is instructive to Christian leaders. He was willing to swallow his pride after his error was pointed out and make necessary changes. Pride is the enemy to learning and change. Unfortunately, pride is an epidemic among leaders.

A Christian leader must be humble.

Peter said as much in I Peter 5. God gives grace to one type of person – the humble. Peter instructs future leaders by telling them to humble themselves so that, at the right time, God will exalt them.

Learning comes through waiting and watching.

Peter was a student of Jesus and was willing to put aside his preconceived notions in his pursuit of discipleship. The Christian leader would do well to learn from Peter and ask God to foster an ability to be taught and a willingness to learn as they seek to influence others.

When was the last time you changed your mind on something significant? What led to that change?

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