IMG_8271I recently saw an interesting site: two local business had signs out front advertising that they were open for business on Sundays. Increasingly companies are open on Sundays – even the local public library recently added permanent Sunday hours.

It used to be that Sunday was sacred even for those who didn’t go to church – it was a day of rest. Sports teams would not schedule practices, let alone games, on Sundays and businesses would have limited hours, if any at all.

That is definitely not the case today. I’m not going to argue for or against businesses being open on Sunday. That’s not the question I hope to raise. My question is,

If you are a Christian, is your calendar open on Sundays?

Here is a trend I have noticed over the past twenty years: the average Christian’s calendar has become much more flexible on Sundays. Instead of rejecting activities such as sports, concerts, hobbies, or family functions in favor of prioritizing church attendance, many Christians today choose to fill their Sunday schedule with other events. For many, the weekly church gathering has become, “If nothing else comes up, I will be there!” 

To be fair, for many of us who grew up in a more fundamentalist culture, being in church was too often tied to holiness or a means of keeping God from getting mad at us. That was unfortunate. But has the pendulum swung too far in the other direction?

I think so.

We almost always over-correct a problem. So, instead of being able to go on vacation and miss a church worship service for the glory of God, too many Christians now view a church worship gathering as good as long as it works out in the schedule.

Here is my concern: what are we teaching the next generation? For those of us who are dads, prioritizing the weekly gathering is crucial to our children’s spiritual health.

There is an old saying, “What we do in moderation, our children will do in excess.” While I do not wholeheartedly accept that statement, I think it should cause us to consider the pattern we are setting for our children.

This post is has become too long as it is, so let me close by saying that I think vacations are not just good but needed. I think it is good to be away from a church family from time to time. It’s good to see how other congregations worship, and it’s good to be in solitude.

But we need to be very careful about how many Sunday worship services we miss. For many, if they would take time to count, the number of Sunday corporate gatherings they miss each year would be surprising.

So, is your Sunday morning calendar blocked out or is it open for other opportunities should they come up?


2 thoughts on “Now Open!

  1. This can be true for Sundays but I am also challenged to look at all facets of my life (time, employment, money, energy, relationships, recreation, etc.) and consider how much is God the focus / center of anything I do. It is a good question to ask, reflect upon, pray about, and change if God so leads.


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